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2009 Forest Report Summary

1) Background and Purpose

        Authorized by Sterling Pointe Board at a cost of $600 paid by the Association

        Pine Beetle & Forest Health inspection

2) Purpose

        Assess general health of the forest in Sterling Pointe

        Identify areas of insect infestation

        Assess areas of high fuel density for fire mitigation purposes

 3) Survey

        Conducted by Keith Worley, Certified Arborist, May to July of 2009

        3 separate inspections were done and were general in nature

4) Observations

        No Mountain Pine Beetle infested trees were identified

        Several Ips engraver beetle attacked trees were observed, but no control measures are recommended at this time. The spring snows and wet growing season has temporarily reduced tree drought stress and susceptibility to Ips attack.

5) Recommendations

              Mountain pine beetle presence is still low in the immediate area. However, forest conditions are conducive to potential epidemic outbreaks.  The closest large infestation is in the Palmer Lake area on Ben Lomand Mountain, east of the lake.

              To decrease risk of insect and disease infestations, thinning of forest stands and removal of heavy dwarf mistletoe is recommended for most areas in Sterling Pointe

             Reduction of fire risk by removing "ladder" fuels such as Gambel oak under drip line of trees


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