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Sterling Pointe Owners Association Documents

As a Sterling Point homeowner you are required to abide by the covenants. For questions about covenant violations or to submit a violation, go to the Covenant Violation Page.

Governance Policies
View the Governance Policies as a .pdf file.
      2014 Revised Collection Policies
View the updated Collection Policies as a .pdf file.
View the Covenants as a .pdf file.
Architectural. & Construction. Regulations
View the Regulations as a .pdf file.
View the Bylaws as a .pdf file.


Enforcement Policies Resolution
This resolution has been replaced by the Sterling Pointe Governance Policies
Excess Operating Funds Resolution
View the Excess Operating Funds Resolution as a .pdf file.
Construction Deposit Resolution
View the Construction Deposit Resolution as a .pdf file.
Vehicle Screening Resolution
View the Vehicle Screening Resolution as a .pdf file.
Energy Efficient Measures Resolution
View the Energy Measures Resolution as a .pdf file.
Inspection/Copying Records Update Resolution
        View the Inspection/Copying Records Resolution as a .pdf file.


Sterling Pointe July 2014 Reserve Fund Analysis
View the Reserve Fund Study as a .pdf file.
Sterling Pointe Articles of Incorporation
View the Articles as a .pdf file.

Sterling Pointe Insurance Certificate

View the Certificate as a .pdf file.



Disclosure to Homeowners per CRS 38-33.3-101 et seq.

SB05-100 & SB06-89 are now part of Colorado statute that requires every Colorado Homeowners Association deliver  at least annually, within 90 days after the end of each fiscal year, the following information to all unit owners upon reasonable notice:

  • The date on which the fiscal year commences: January 1st
  • The operating budget for the current fiscal year:  $28,500.00
  • A list, by unit type , of the owner's current assessments, including both regular and special assessments.  $250.00 Annually per parcel, No Special Assessments
  • Its annual financial statements, the results of any financial audits: None, and a list of all Association Insurance Polices.
  • The Association's Bylaws, articles, and Rules and Regulations.
  • The minutes of the executive board and member meetings for the fiscal year preceding the current annual disclosure.
  • The Association's responsible governance policies.

This information is to be readily available at no cost to the owners at their convenience.  This web site will be your source for obtaining all of the previously listed documentation. 

The documents on this page are in pdf format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, click on this link to download a free copy.


Send mail to webmaster@SterlingPointeHOA.org with questions or comments about this web site.